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    A Trick Of The Tail - SACD-Hybrid / DVD - 2007

    Tracks on the SACD / CD:

    Dance On A Volcano
    Mad Man Moon
    Robbery, Assault And Battery
    A Trick Of The Tail
    Los Endos

    DVD content:

    full Album in Dolby Digital 5.1 (audio only)
    full Album in dts 5.1 Surround (audio only)
    Making of A Trick Of The Tail - 2007 band interviews
    Robbery, Assault And Battery (music video)
    A Trick Of The Tail (music video)
    Ripples (music video)
    I Know What I Like (Live In Concert 1976 video)
    Fly On A Windshield (Live In Concert 1976 video)
    Carpet Crawler (Live In Concert 1976 video)
    Cinema Show (Live In Concert 1976 video)
    Entangled (Live In Concert 1976 video)
    Supper's Ready (Live In Concert 1976 video)
    Los Endos (Live In Concert 1976 video)
    'White Rocks' Premiere Programme 1977 (gallery, 8 pictures)

    Technical information:

    The music videos are available in stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 and dts sound (as on the Video Show DVD) All other content is Dolby Digital 2.0. There are no subtitles.


    A comprehensive review and description of this release will follow soon.

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