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    Erinnerungen ... der Fans
    Family Snapshots - Bildergalerie

    Ray Wilson

    The Genesis

    The life and soul of the Party

    not quite as old as me

    alive and well and healthy

    In it for the music, only

    Always good to see

    I thank thee


    Ray Wilson

    Steve Hackett

    I wish the German Genesis Fanclub a very happy 20th birthday!

    I know several of the members. I have been in contact with Helmut Janisch for many years and he has always been very hard working, helpful and inspiring.

    It was a great honour for me when Helmut, Christian, Steffen, and all the German Genesis Fanclub members put on a spectacular event in Remscheid in Germany in March 2009. They put together an incredible display of Hackett memorabilia from over the years. I enjoyed playing there with the acoustic trio of myself, John Hackett and Roger King as well as meeting all the fans who came. It was a special occasion that I will always remember with a lot of warmth.

    I very much look forward to seeing members of the fanclub on tour in November, and my thanks for all the support to all the Genesis members over the years.


    My very best wishes to you all,

    Steve Hackett

    Richard Macpahil

    I worked with Genesis from 1969 to 1979 – my twenties. Playing my

    part in making my school friends into the world class band that they

    became was an exciting, fascinating and rewarding adventure, It is

    such a bonus that now, all these years later, that you folks are so

    keen to keep the memory of that time alive. Thank you for all your

    hard work and enthusiasm and happy 20th anniversary.

    Love and best wishes from Richard Macphail.

    Richard Macphail

    John Hackett

    Congratulations on your 20th birthday. Here's hoping you make it to middle age ... Prost!

    John Hackett

    Steve Hackett

    Hello to everyone Helmut and everyone at it. Congratulations on your (fill in the number please) anniversary. With best wishes,

    Dale Newman

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