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    Ray Wilson Makes Me Think Of Home
    German Genesis Fanclub: 25th anniversary

    Meeting 2007 ... European Fanmeeting

    Fanmeeting 2007
    We used the Genesis tour 2007 to bring together fans from all over Europe in Braunschweig on the night before Genesis played Hannover (which is the nearest city). The evening was crowned by Ray Wilson who played a solo show.

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    Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail (CD)

    Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail (CD) Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail (CD) kaufen bei
    Genesis - A Trick Of The Tail (CD) Verse kaufen bei

    Remaster CD from 2007 with the new Stereo-Mix.
    Review available

    Genesis - Duke (SACD/DVD)

    Genesis - Duke (SACD/DVD) Genesis - Duke (SACD/DVD) kaufen bei
    Genesis - Duke (SACD/DVD) Verse kaufen bei

    Remaster Hybrid-SACD/DVD Doubledisk from 2007 woth new stereo and 5.1 mixes and Video-Bonusmaterial on a Bonus-DVD.
    Review available

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