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    Ray Wilson Makes Me Think Of Home
    German Genesis Fanclub: 25th anniversary

    Meeting 2008 ... When In Welkers

    When In Welkers 2008
    Though it was billed as a regular club day, we did have an interesting special guest in Welkers. Dale Newman talked about his life and work as a Genesis roadie and studio technician, and also played a selection of his songs live.

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    Genesis - Trespass (CD)

    Genesis - Trespass (CD) Genesis - Trespass (CD) kaufen bei
    Genesis - Trespass (CD) Verse kaufen bei

    The 1970 studio album - remastered 2008.
    Review available

    Simon Collins - U Catastrophe (2008)

    Simon Collins - U Catastrophe (2008) Simon Collins - U Catastrophe (2008) kaufen bei
    Simon Collins - U Catastrophe (2008) Verse kaufen bei

    Simon's third soloalbum, contains contributions from Phil Collins and Steve Hackett.

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