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Mike + The Mechanics in Hamburg 1999

Juni 13, 1999, Hamburg - Stadtpark

The Mechanics took the stage at 6pm and kicked off their show with a rousing Get Up. Mike, Paul C. and Paul Y. were supports by Gary Wallis (drums) and Jamie Moses (guitar). The line-up confirmed their abilities, the fun they have making music and their professionalism. Not even a wrong guitar could take their cool away - as opposed to the cool of the roadie who had to provide Paul Carrack with a new one while he performed Whenever I Stop.

The new songs were received very well by the audience, but it took All I Need Is A Miracle, Over My Shoulder and Word Of Mouth to really get the crowd going. The only thing that could be criticized was that the show was only 90 minutes long and that the set was the same as in 1995 plus a couple of M6 songs.

Even the Everyday Hurts / How Long / I Canít Dance medley was presented in the usual way, only this time Mike did not announce it in German. It is a pity that they did not put more effort into the setlist, but apparently Mike wanted to finish the current Mechanics project as soon as possible. At least, that is what the lack of promotion for both album and single and the tight tour schedule (a full tour in 38 days) would seem to indicate.
by Sylvia Engel

After a long period in which the (ex)members of Genesis would only play indoors Mike is the first to venture outside again. The Mechanics played a no-surprises hits set in the Stadtpark Hamburg in wonderful sunshine . The show still has only just the minimum length including unnecessary repetitions like the Everday Hurts / How Long / I Canít Dance medley. They also stretched All I Need Is A Miracle and Word Of Mouth to a point where they became annoying (who can break this gently to the guys?) Ė there could have been time for two more songs. It was obvious: Mike has chosen the easiest way to put together a set list without the slightest inclination to change anything about the unsatisfactory old concept, and thatís a shame.

The good thing is that the band, who had a new live member in the colourful Jamie Moses, seemed to enjoy playing the gig. Their good humour remained even after the gig when all five patiently fulfilled all autogram requests, thus turning the show into a memorable experience despite some disappointments.

by Andre Garnath

both reports English by Martin Klinkhardt

first published in it magazine #27 (fall 1999)

Mike Rutherford

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