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    Peter Cross

    Interviews and specials about the artists Peter Cross, who is responsible for the design of ten Anthony Phillips album covers.

    Biography (1995)

    Peter Cross has enriched many of Anthony Phillips' albums with his paintings. His illustrations for children's books, "children's books" for grown-ups and greeting cards are equally fine in detail and wittily observant. We have outlined the career of this humorous Englishman in our 1995 special for you.

    Peter Cross - Biography (1995) Peter Cross - Biography (1995)

    Interview (05.10.1994)

    In connection with our special about him Peter Cross kindly answered our questions about his activities as an artist, talked about his plans for the future and revealed why golf courses and cricket fields are good sources of inspiration for album artwork.

    Peter Cross - Interview 1994 Peter Cross - Interview 1994

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