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    Teil 0 - Einführung Peter Gabriel Recording Compendium Header

    Peter Gabriel - Recording Compendium

    Official stuff, Demos, Outtakes & more


    Within the Genesis family, there is hardly another musician, who has been that active in terms of songwriting and recording and collaborating with others as is Peter Gabriel, especially aside from his studio albums. That's quite exciting on the one hand, but on the other hand it's nearly impossible to keep a complete picture, i.e. what Peter Gabriel music is out there aside from his albums.

    With this Recoridng Compendium we try to bring some light in the dark, trying to be as meticulous as possible. We have divided the whole Compendium into different parts related to album periods. We focus on studio material, but also songs that were only performed live are listed. With the additional info to each track, we focus on the necessary info like recording and first release date and the best available purchaseable sound quality. Bootleg / unreleased live recordings are also considered. Detailed info about each track and each version is unnecessary at this point.

    Register A - Z

    Part 1: Peter Gabriel 1 (Car) | 1974 - 1977


    Part 2: Peter Gabriel 2 (Scratch) | 1977 - 1978

    Part 3

    Part 3: Peter Gabriel 3 (Melt) | 1979 - 1980

    Part 4

    Part 4: Peter Gabriel 4 (Security) | 1981 - 1983

    Part 5: Birdy / So | 1983 - 1988

    Part 6: Passion / Shaking The Tree | 1988 - 1990

    Part 7

    Part 7: US | 1991 - 1994

    Part 8

    Part 8: EVE / OVO | 1995 - 2000

    Part 9

    Part 9: Long Walk Home / UP / HIT | 2001 - 2004

    Part 10: Big Blue Ball | 2005 - 2008

    Part 11: Scratch My Back / New Blood | 2009 - 2011

    Part 12: next Album | 2012 - "September"


    Generally, the tracks are listed in order related to their recording date (not the release date!). The different parts usually end after the tour for the related album and they begin when Peter starts working on new material.

    Each listing is organized as follows:

    1. Collaborations after the previous tour

    2. Demos

    3. Album Tracks

    4. Outtakes created during the album sessions, which didn't make it onto the final list

    5. Alternative Versions of album tracks and outtakes

    6. Live Recordings of tracks so far unavailable in studio versions

    7. Official Live Releases

    8. Collaborations created until the end of the tour

    Due to the release schedule of some albums, this structure cannot be followed 100% all the time. Furthermore, all parts should be seen as "work-inprogress" documents, which can be evolved further at any time.

    Clarification of terms and formattings used

    From many tracks, a lot of different versions are available. Additions to the track title follow this scheme:

    • (addition in round brackets and bold font) = official titel extension
    • [addition in aquare brackets and normal font] = inofficially used title extension - they serve a better distinction for this compendium

    For distinction purposes, all versions of individual tracks are listed with additional title extensions. In case there is no official title extension, we added extensions as follows:

    • [demo] = song / version of a track in it's "embryo" status
    • [original version] = different version / recording of a track, that was recorded professionally prior to it's inclusion on an album
    • [original mix] = a professional but different recording of a track, that was released elsewhere before its inclusion on a later album release
    • [alternate mix] = slightly different mix of a track
    • [instrumental] = track without vocals, but same mix
    • [instrumental mix] = track without vocals, but mixed differently compared to the original
    • [full length version] = track in longer version compared to the album version
    • [edit] = shorter version of the album version, but same mix
    • [remix] = newly mixed / reworked Version

    For any remarks, feedback, mistakes detected, additions etc, please feel free to contact us at Any contribution is welcome!

    Peter Gabriel

    Peter Gabriel - UP (Hybrid-SACD)

    Peter Gabriel - UP (Hybrid-SACD) Peter Gabriel - UP (Hybrid-SACD) kaufen bei

    Super-Audio CD Hybrid - the complete Album in SACD Stereo, SACD 5.1 Surround Sound and CD Audio.
    Album-Review available
    SACD-Review available

    Peter Gabriel - IV (CD)

    Peter Gabriel - IV (CD) Peter Gabriel - IV (CD) kaufen bei
    Peter Gabriel - IV (CD) Verse kaufen bei

    4th Soloalbum, contains the classics The Rhythm Of The Heat, San Jacinto und Wallflower, and the Hit-Single Shock The Monkey. Remaster Version from 2002.
    Review available

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