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A look behind the scenes for the benefit of homeless people – yes, there are good reasons for completing your Collins video collection with this one. First of all, it can only be bought at his current live shows and will therefore soon become a rare item. A better reason to buy this is the fact that all proceeds from the video will directly go towards helping homeless people. Phil has already asked for donations for the homeless at the last tour and he keeps up his engagement on the Both Sides tour.

He has come up with something very special to offer the fans some cool Phil Collins material and support the homeless at the same time. We get to see a lot during these 50 minutes of interesting material because it shows preparations and rehearsals of the Both Sides tour stage show.

The ’94 live version of I Missed Again leads us backstage, as it were. During the song almost all members of the band introduce themselves before Phil explains about the background of this video production. Collins then takes us to Chiddingfold where the band meet for the first time to rehearse for the tour. This provides us with interesting impressions of how people get to know each other musicals and start to play together. We get to watch the Vine Street Horns working on the brass bits of Behind The Lines.

After this part of the tour preparations we change places again and the hall in which the stage is set up to rehearse the show effects becomes the centre of attention. Songs like Don’t Lose My Number and In The Air Tonight are played by the full band on the stage. The video also singles out the technicians and creative workers who do not stand in the limelight but without whom such a perfect show as Phil is offering simply could not take place. It is also very interesting to be able to listen in when Phil talks with the musicians and discusses his musical ideas.

If you do not have this video yet we heartily recommend you buy a copy at the next opportunity. Remember it is for a good cause!

by Bernd Zindler
translated by Martin Klinkhardt

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