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Phil Collins - "Going Back" showcases 2010

All the dates for Phil Collins' live promotion for the new album

It has been confirmed that the new album Going Back will be introduced to the fans and the general public with a series of live shows labeled "Up Close & Personal: Phil Collins Plays 60ís Motown & Soul".

latest update: 03/08/2010

Going Back is the title of Phil Collinsí new album. It will come out in Germany on September 10 and September 13 elsewhere and contains, according to current information, 18 songs. We have created an info page for all the details about the album.

Phil Collins is going to play a couple of live shows ahead of the tour. These so-called showcases will introduce the songs from the new album live. Originally there was talk of two dates, but the number has grown to four dates in the U.S. alone.

Collins will be accompanied by the musicians he also recorded the album with.

Phil Collins (Vocals / Drums?)
Ray Monette (Guitars)
Eddie Willis (Guitars)
Bob Babbitt (Bass)
Chester Thompson (Drums)
Leslie Smith (Percussion)
Brad Cole (Keyboards)
Daryl Stuermer (Guitars)

A five-piece horn section will complete the line-up, though it is not yet known which ensemble this will be. There will be no string group, but no less than six backing singers will bring the number of musicians up to 18. At this point there are no plans of Phil playing drums during the shows. He has been unable to do so for health reasons recently.

The showcases are called:

Tickets for the American show at the Roseland Ballroom have gone on sale on 19/04/2010 (see ticket links). There are some 3,000 tickets for each show and these will be standing tickets only.

IMPORTANT: Only Motown-Songs will be perfomed. This includes the 18 tracks from the album plus at least 11 further tracks that were recorded during the sessions.

UPDATE 25/04/2010: Two additional shows in Philadelphia have just been confirmed. Tickets go on sale on 10/05.

20/06/10 Philadelphia - Electric Factory
21/06/10 Philadelphia - Electric Factory USA
22.06.10 New York City - Roseland Ballroom
23/06/10 New York City - Roseland Ballroom USA

24/06/10 New York City - Roseland Ballroom USA
25/06/10 New York City - Roseland Ballroom USA
28/06/10 London - ITV1 special

01/07/10 Montreux - The Stravinski Hall
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Going Back - everything about the Motown project
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Phil Collins

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