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Originally Posted by Visionsofangels View Post
I originally found this clip on YouTube but for some reason it wont play, so upon further investigation i found it here..So here you go folks but i think I'll reserve judgment on this Gabe 'rarity'...But hey-ho each to their own, make of it what you will...Enjoy everyone!!

Video: Rock'n'Roll is dying - (Peter Gabriel - A Whiter Shade Of Pale) von RAEL - MySpace Video
Wow, Visions --

I gotta check this out. But it looks like I won't be able to see this until Monday. Can't pull it up at work. And our cable/web access went down YESTERDAY, and Comcast says they can't come out until MONDAY to fix it. (THIS is why I LOVE Comcast .... friggin' rat smelly bastids .... what the hell is THAT all about? And you watch, the CEO will probably make multiple millions in salary and all kinds of bonuses. What, can't afford an extra truck, you pricks...?)

... sorry, I just lost it ... I'm angry ...

At any rate, thank you for this ... hopefully it won't get yanked before I get to see it.
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