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Genesis: No setlist changes planned for North America

As Nick Davis just posted on the official forum there are currently no plans to change the setlist for the upcoming North American tour leg. They might start the tour with an unchanged set and see what the audiences’ reactions will be before the make a final decision on changes.

Of course this can still change especially on the rehearsals which are set to start on September 2nd in Toronto, Ontario.

22 Responses to “Genesis: No setlist changes planned for North America”

  1. Smurfblood Says:

    Yes, they might keep Ripples after all. Thank God!

  2. Darin Says:

    That’s great news, as I ask myself why the band would feel the need to “dumb down” the set list for the North American shows? That is, why play more hits and fewer deep album/CD tracks for us, especially when the European show reviews were just fantastic?!? Also, I purchased one of their official live bootlegs (from Düsseldorf on 27 June 2007) and it’s absolutely brilliant. I was a bit concerned at first that PC’s voice wouldn’t be what it once was, but was pleasantly surprised and he sounds just fine, as do the rest of the musicians’ playing. As always (if you’ve seen them live before, you’ll know what I’m talking about here), the show builds a steady momentum throughout and he (PC) actually sounds better at the end than at the beginning. Thus, we’re in for what is simply the most exciting reunion concert tour of the decade (in my humble opinion)! Now if Peter Gabriel would only come back to North America with his “deep tracks” tour as well….

  3. Ed Says:

    I was kind of hoping they would change the set list up a little bit. I really wish they would get rid of Hold on my Heart at least.

  4. Michael Says:

    I was hoping they would change the set list as well. How about throwing in something from Abacab? The thing that disappoints me the most is I thought the tour was for the fans. Real Genesis fans are looking for something a bit deeper in the set list I think. The only song in the set that is intriguing is Ripples, and maybe Duke’s Travels. Everything else - been there, done that. I’m not saying I hate it (I always love Firth of Fifth ), but I just was hoping for more. I’ll be going to the NYC show in Sept. I’ll keep my fingures crossed.

  5. Steve Says:

    I can see the merit of keeping the set list as is. It really is a nice cross-section of Genesis music, past and present. I would agree that the tour is for the fans, but there are many fans of Genesis who are fans of the 83-92 years only. I like all eras of the group, and given the choice, I’d probably drop Hold On My Heart, Throwing it All Away, and actually (don’t hate me) Domino. Add Abacab, and a couple of surprises like Burning Rope, Entangled, even One for the Vine. But still, appealing to “fans” means appealing to fans of all eras, and I feel their setlist does that pretty well. I’m going to the Boston, Hartford, and Albany shows and I have to say, if it’s the same setlist every time I’ll still be a very happy boy. Because they’re my guys.

  6. Adam Says:

    I am lucky enough to have 3 cds from Katowice, Dusseldorf and London. Trust me, the first one is absolutely the best. You can feel the chemistry between the band and the audience (the concert took place in a pouring rain), the performance is just perfect!


  7. David Says:

    Would have liked to see Fading Lights included as one of the newer selections as it is a good song to highlight Phil’s drums and Tony’s keyboards. But, as some others have stated on other sites, I thought there would be more of the older stuff. There IS some older stuff, but where is Supper’s Ready, One for the Vine, Squonk, and other’s like these? But on the other hand, Genesis didn’t draw the really large crowds until becoming more commercial, so who is to say that the tour is for the really long-term fans. Myself, I first saw them in the early 70’s in Altanta’s Fox Theater. Maybe a couple of thousand seats? Went to a concert in Virgina at an arena where they the floor seating wasn’t even sold out. The newer stuff changed all that.

  8. David Says:

    And another quick comment….. like Steve said, don’t change the setlist and I’ll still be a happy camper. I’m flying from to Japan to see the Detroit show and I don’t see how I can be disappointed. (Unless they cancel, then I’ll really be bummed out.)

  9. DutchmapleDave Says:

    I will be running up to Montreal, for my third Genesis concert (’80, “82, now) and bringing my son for his first. A good lad, he is inclined toward the trick of the tail and earlier pieces, but I would have to agree with previous writers that the setlist is a compilation sure to have something for everyone. IF the band is sincere about a PG/SH and all reunion, THEN we can all go and indulge our senses in tales from Trespass to The Lamb as the cornerstones of the setlist. Here’s hoping, but for now I want my son to hear Los Endos, and it looks like that will happen regardless.

  10. Justin Says:

    I am going to the concert tomorrow night at HSBC arena in Buffalo. I am 24 and a huge Genesis fan up until and including the Duke album. I love Duke because I crashed my car and almost died while listening to Duchess. Anyways, I think this set list is totally depressing. I mean, ” I Can’t Dance”? Are you kidding me? For every good song they’re playing there are three garbage songs. The dread is now setting in my stomach that instead of seeing older progressive rock fans that know good music, I will see 65 year old ladies that have horrible perfume and “love phil collins” not Genesis. So in a last gasp attempt to salvage my 1st Genesis concert I am going to throw a small rock with a set list of my own wrapped around it. Here it is…

    Phil wearing a fox mask picks up the rock and plays:

    1 Behind the Lines
    2 Duchess
    3 Dance on a Volcano
    4 Looking for Someone
    5 Squonk
    6 Blood on the Rooftops
    7 A trick of The Tail
    8 Mad man Moon
    9 Robbery, Assault & Battery
    10 Ripples
    11 Cuckoo Cacoon
    12 Wot Gorilla
    13 Suppers Ready (yes all 23 minutes of if)
    14 The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
    15 The Cinema Show
    16 All in a Mouses Night
    17 Carpet Crawlers
    18 Dukes Travels/ Dukes End/ Los Endos

    Welp. That made me feel better. Oh well. I’m going to see Elvis Costello tonight outside of the Albright Knox Art Museum in Buffalo as well. He plays amazing three hour rock concerts and perfectly mixes different hits with obscure tracks off almost every one of his albums. I’ve seen him the last four years in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Niagara Falls and now my home town right down the street from me! This will be a fun weekend for sure, but I think I need to take a trip to Europe when Peter Gabriel has time to play again!

  11. DutchmapleDave Says:

    Justin, I would help you heave that rock ! All in a mouse’s night. Excellent. What a show that would be.

  12. Gavin Says:

    Great Show in Toronto on Friday night. Only disappointment was that there were no programme guides available that night. It’s the 3rd time i’ve seen them and any concert I go to I always buy the programme as a memory. Any idea where I can get them from now??

  13. Rick Says:

    I will be going to the show Saturday here in Ottawa. I hummed and hawed about it as I am a big Gabriel era Genesis fan but do enjoy some their later music as well. I am surprised The Lamb is not being played as well as Abacab. Oh well, I figured it will be my last chance to see them. After all if I want to see the old Genesis music, I just need to go and see The Musical Box. I am sure I will enjoy the show and it would be nice if they played Justin’s set list! One can hope….

  14. James Says:

    I was extatic about the set list, but stunned to find they weren’t playing Lamb Lies Down, they weren’t playing anything from Abacab, and Phil doesn’t sing “There’s an angel standing in the sun!” at the end of Los Endos. I’m a fan of every era, I have no complaints about any albums. A lot of fans say, “I love Phil, but Peter was the best and they should be playing all prog.” I disagree. I like I Can’t Dance and Invisible Touch as much as I enjoy Supper’s Ready, and my daughter loves Follow You, Follow Me. I’ll be going to the LA concert, and if anything I’d add to the set list, not subtract. Here are my votes:
    1. Los Endos with the vocals at the end.
    2. Lamb Lies Down / Musical Box medly from Seconds Out.
    3. Not About Us from Calling All Stations (that would be interesting!)
    4. Keep it Dark

  15. Mike Says:

    Sorry for the repost but this is easier to read.

    If they would play one song from each album what would it be. My list

    1. From Genesis To Revelation: That’s Me
    2. Trespass: White Mountain
    3. Nursery Cryme: difficult choice but I would pick Musical Box over Seven Stone
    4. Foxtrot: Super’s Ready would be nice but being realistic, I like Can-Utilities and the Coastlines just as well.
    5. Selling England by the Pound: No question, Firth of Fifth. Steve Hackett’s solo is my absolute favorite section of music.
    6. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway: difficult choice, I would have Hairless Heart over The Lamia and Carpet Crawlers. I just love the way Hackett plays electric guitar. Yes I know Steve won’t be there :(. Daryl Stuermer does an OK job.
    7. A Trick of the Tail: Ripples
    8. Wind & Wuthering: Blood on the Rooftops
    9. Spot the Pigeon: None
    10. …And Then There Were Three: This is a tough one. There are sections of Burning Rope, Undertow, Deep in the Motherload, and Many Too Many.
    11. Duke: Duke’s Travels
    12. Abacb: Abacab
    13. Genesis: another difficult choice, Mama or home By the Sea/Second Home by the Sea. They pick
    14. Invisible Touch: Land of Confusion slightly over Domino
    15. We can’t Dance: I Can’t Dance
    16. Calling All Stations: Calling All Stations
    17. Genesis Archives 1967-75 (not including songs on previous albums): Twilight Alehouse
    18. Genesis Archives 1976-92 (not including songs on previous albums): Feeding the Fire

    Please! Please! Do not replace Ripples (5 out of 5) with In Too Deep (1 out of 5) - in my book.

  16. martinus Says:

    If you are interested in discussing the set lists and the merits of individual songs you may want to consider joining the international forum of the German Genesis Fanclub at . English spoken, of course. Read all the latest interesting news about the Genesis camp and let your voice be heard in the forums.

  17. Jeff Brock Says:

    I do not understand all the talk about the setlist this and the setlist that. I just got back from the show in Columbus Ohio. I drove all the way from Atlanta to see the show. Instead of talking about the setlist. The setlist is what it is. I do not know why people do not just feel lucky as hell to see the band again. I first saw the band in 1975 at the Pasadena Civic in California. I have not missed a tour. When they broke up all thoses years ago I did not think we would see them again. We are so lucky for this tour. It might be the end of the progressive rock era. Let us celibrate the tour, the music and the setlist. We are very lucky indeed.

  18. Taco Says:

    The old stuff sucks! I wanted to hear more new material like Abacab, That’s All, Misunderstanding, Congo (Phil could do it!), Jesus He Knows Me, No Reply At All, Paperlate, Man On The Corner, Me And Sarah Jane, Taking It All Too Hard, etc. I was bored to tears with the old stuff - not interesting at all.

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