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    Genesis Day in Italy! Steve Hackett Special Guest

    Special Anniversary Event on 10th August in Adria

    More than 40 years ago, Genesis played their first ever show in Italy. It was the beginning of their success in continental Europe and it started a special relationship between the band and their Italian fans, that lasts to this day. To celebrate this anniversary, a special Genesis Day has been organized, which will take place in Adria (Rovigo) at Sala Cordella. on 10th August 2012.

    Genesis Day

    It will be en evening event and it features these highlights:

    06.30 pm - Genesis Lyrics through Images

    Maurizio and Angela Vicedomini present their acclaimed book In Our Flight Of Fancy.

    07.00 pm - Genesis in 10 books

    He is one of the most popular fans worldwide, he is a journalist, he runs the Italian Fanclub DUSK - Mario Giammetti gives some insight in his work on 10 (!) books related to the rock group Genesis

    07.30 pm - Steve Hackett: Memories about 6th April 1972

    He was there - 40 years ago, former Genesis guitarist came to Italy to play the first ever Genesis show there. Steve will share some memories about that day and what effect it had on Genesis, the Italien fans and the future. Steve will be available for autographs and photosessions.

    10.00 pm - DUKE in concert

    Duke, the Genesis tribute band from Padua - famous for the precision of the performances, the fidelity of transcriptions and the original interpretations of Genesis classics - will live again the emotions of the extraordinary Genesis repertoire in a unique setting, in front of the theatre that hosted the original concert 40 years before.

    The original Event programme (it is a FREE ENTRY event) can be downloaded here.

    published on 25.07.12 13:51 by Christian @ it-Website

    Genesis Day in Italy! Steve Hackett Special Guest Comments:

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