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    Ray Wilson Makes Me Think Of Home
    German Genesis Fanclub: 25th anniversary

    Ray Wilson: "Makes Me Think Of Home" announced

    His second studio album this year is due for an October release

    A few weeks ago, Ray Wilson released a new studio album. Song For A Friend is an acoustic album, but also the first album out of two to be released this year. A full review about Song For A Friend can be found here.

    On 7th October, Ray Wilson will release the second album - Makes Me Think Of Home. Unlike Song For A Friend, the album was produced and performed with his full band. The first single, Amen To That, is alreasy availabe as a funny video on YouTube (see below). The following songs are on Makes Me Think Of Home:

    They Never Should Have Sent You Roses [6:11]
    The Next Life [3:41]
    Tennessee Mountains [4:18]
    Worship The Sun [5:02]
    Makes Me Think Of HomeMakes Me Think Of Home [7:56]
    Amen To That [4:28]
    Anyone Out There [4:01] *
    Don't Wait For Me [3:42] **
    Calvin And Hobbes [4:03] **
    The Spirit [3:43] ***

    Songs by Hoff/Wilson
    * Spence/Wilson
    ** Spence
    *** Metzler/Wilson

    Album Line-Up:

    Ray Wilson - Vocals
    Uwe Metzler - Acoustic / Lead Guitar
    Lawrie MacMillan: Bass
    Nir Z. - Drums
    Kool Lyczek - Piano / Organ
    Peter Hoff - Keyboards, additional programming
    Ali Ferguson - lead guitar and weird shit
    Marcin Kajper - saxophone & flute
    Steffi Hoelk - Violin
    Scott Spence - Guitar, String Arrangements
    Steve Wilson - backing vocals
    Mario Koszel - percussion

    The album is available for preorder:

    Digibook CD: amazon-uk
    MP3 album:

    Besides that, it's available (also on vinyl) in Ray Wilson's Online-Shop.

    Ray discussed both albums in detail with GNC in our recent interview. Find the interview here.

    published on 06.08.16 08:33 by Christian @ Ray Wilson

    Ray Wilson: "Makes Me Think Of Home" announced Comments:

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