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  • Inventions - Logica (2019)



    Christiaan Bruin (The Black Codex, Sky Architect, Mayra Orchestra, Nine Stones Close) - vocals, instruments


    Theo Travis (Steven Wilson, Robert Fripp, Soft Machine, David Gilmour) - soprano sax, tenor sax, flute

    DOT Quartet - strings

    Andy Rowe (The Room) - narrations

    Recorded in two separate churches, an empty theater, a coffee roastery, two studio’s and a living room, ‘LOGICA’ has a symphonic, orchestral sound with influences of Mike Oldfield, early King Crimson and Steve Reich.

    Christiaan states: "I wanted to achieve the organic sound of a big ensemble playing live, with narrations and layered vocals on top. The result is an immersive concept album about the deep links between mathematics, logic, language, perception, art and physics.”

    Christiaan Bruin is a composer and multi-instrumentalist who also makes video’s. He has been releasing music under the name Chris, The Black Codex and with his bands Sky Architect, Nine Stones Close, Mayra Orchestra and Adeia.

    ‘Inventions’ is a series of videos and songs in which Chris explores the creative process of composing music and writing lyrics. Every two weeks he releases a new song, plus a YouTube video in which he share the ideas and inspiration which led to the creation of the song.


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  • Been a big fan of Chris for years. His solo albums and Black Codex project are all superb.

  • New THE SLOW SHOW songs from upcoming album.

    Although I think they might be near their natural end (musically), this is really great stuff!

    and, yes, also the new Mechanics tracks. What Would You Do is my favorite