What are you listening to right now?

  • Are We There Yet....2021....From New Zealand.


    This album is really good. Hard to compare this band to others, so their style is quite instinct of the 70s-80s era style of music.

  • I'm absolutely blown away by this album.8)

    If you are a Porcupine Tree fan, you'll like this album a lot.

    Subtuva - Chimera - 2021............From USA



  • Sorry ignore my last post.

    This is the most beautiful thing ever. Really. I was a massive Genesis fan and thought other music was shit, especially modern music. In hindsight, I was a pompous ass, then I heard this perfection and realized there is a huge world of beautiful shit out there. If you've heard SP and dismissed them, fine. If you haven't, please give To Sheila a try loud on good headphones and tell me what you think.

  • And last but not least. These two songs actually reset my expectations about what music could be. No shit, I thought music could be dull. This band and these songs taught me otherwise.

    For Martha.

  • Iron Maiden – The Writing On The Wall (Official Video)

    I'm not a comic book expert but I find Bruce Dickinson's story and Blinkink's animation great! 8)

    Rock’n’roll never dies... :evil::saint:

  • Bruce Dickinson! He needs more cowbell!!

  • Several non-remastered Genesis songs.

    Honestly, it just makes me kinda sad. I'm gonna say it and I don't care who disagrees. The non-remastered versions are absolutely phenomenal, and the remastered versions are inferior, existing only to be louder and removing so many sounds from the original versions that I didn't even know where in there. I own only the remastered versions and I wish I owned the non-remastered ones.

    Edit: That said, comparing these versions, I can hear some of the sounds lost in the remasters to some extent, they are just harder to identify. If anything, it's good that the remastered versions helped me spot them. It's just that there are some sounds that don't come through well. For example the original Dance On A Volcano is oddly more emotional sounding with more strings that are pushed to the back in the remaster.

    I still love the Genesis albums I have though, even if they aren't the ideal versions.

  • When you say "remastered", do you mean Remixed? There are the original CD's from the 80's, many versions of them, many very poor (best example I know of, W&W with "mastered by Sanyo" in the disc clamping area. Generally, these are a mixed bag, some good, some, as I say, very bad.

    Then there are the 1994 Remasters, Labelled "Definitive Edition Remaster" on the CD case rear, which are generally the best versions, having had the hiss removal and other such enhancements.

    Then there are the "2008 Digital Remaster and Stereo Mix" as stated in the front sidestrip. This involves going back to the original multitrack masters, and recreating the stereo mix, which has the potential to do a great job, but also carries the issues that some effects are added at this point, which in the case of early albums might have involved the use of old tech (echo springs, for example) which studios no longer have. So the remix engineer has to try and recreate the effect, not always successfully. But also, as you say, the engineer sometimes goes over the top with compression etc. I suspect these are what you are referring to.

    You should still be able to get the versions you want via Ebay, I could even rip some if you want to compare.


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