Your favorite tracks on ... "Both Sides"

  • What's your favorite tracks on Both Sides? 16

    1. Both Sides of the Story (9) 56%
    2. Can't Turn Back the Years (2) 13%
    3. Everyday (3) 19%
    4. I've Forgotten Everyting (1) 6%
    5. We're Sons of Our Fathers (2) 13%
    6. Can't Find My Way (2) 13%
    7. Survivors (6) 38%
    8. We Fly So Close (11) 69%
    9. There's a Place for US (1) 6%
    10. We Wait and We Wonder (6) 38%
    11. Please Come Out Tonight (1) 6%

    I open this topic to my question: What's your favorites tracks of Both Sides?

    My favorite of this album and also my second favorite song of his career was We Fly so Close. I love hugely this song. The spanish guitar use in this song adding a spiritual, calm and mooding ambiance of this song. I love this particular ambiance during this song. The peformance of Phil during this song was very sadness in the first half, but in the second half, he spend her rage and her sadness in her voice in same time in this song. Her rage during this song remain hugely at her two first albums, but this song was a particular sound during this soft-rock ballad. One of the best and haunting ballad of his career and her perfect song to relaxing in a bath.

    I search the album in stores in deluxe CD, because i love this album. My second favorite of his career (after ...But Seriously).

    The votes was 3 songs max in this poll, like the others.

  • He had a very raw emotional b side called It's Over or It's All Over around this time too if I recall correctly. I remember liking that a lot.

    It’s Over was a left over that appeared on the Toyota Sampler for Dance Into The Lights. Whether or not it was a left-over from Both Sides ... no idea

    Survivors anyone? My favorite on Both Sides

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • Survivors anyone? My favorite on Both Sides

    This song was a very good song. This song annonced the flavor of the soundtrack of Tarzan then he wrote later in 1990's decade. The African ambiance add a particular flavor in this song and i enjoy this song. But this was not so complex like We Fly So Close or Both Sides of the Story, this song was simple in her composition.

  • I find Both Sides Of The Story rather boring (and too long)

    But Survivors ... that was a key moment during the concert of the tour - a very strong performance and a different drum intensity live. I always wondered why he didn’t play that during Mayer tours (though I know he did rehearse it in Miami (during the private rehearsals with Jason Bonham) in 2015 (Was it 2015?)

    Anyway. Great track. One of my all time favs

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