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  • Genesis... Counting Out Time: A Photographic Journey…photographic-journey.html

    Product Code: Gen001

    Published 15th June 2018

    Limited edition. Only 500 worldwide!

    Order by 31st May and have your name on a dedicated fans page within the book!

    Free Shipping In The UK.

    With 2018 marking the 50th anniversary of the recording of Genesis' first album what better way to celebrate it than with this limited edition hardback photographic book incorporating the Genesis family of bands from the seventies to the present day. As well as images of Genesis from the days with Peter Gabriel through to the 2007 reunion, this book includes photos from the solo careers of Peter Gabriel, Phil Collins, Steve Hackett and Mike & The Mechanics.

    Beautifully designed and packaged in a block foiled, presentation case with a set of 7 high quality prints — two group shots and one each of Tony Banks, Mike Rutherford, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett and Phil Collins.

    I believe the book is all about the concert photography of the band by Mr Alan Perry -

    Kind regards


  • Question is: Why is there NO information about the photographer / responsible person for this project? Very strange actually.




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  • Christian, indeed... it's an odd ploy. If it is Alan Hewitt then you would assume the publisher would want the world to know. To have the author behind the project in all publicity etc.

    So a strange way to do things.



  • Well StillCan'tDance, I couldn't possibly comment. But he has had work published by Wymer before, hence the assumed concept that this "photo book" might include his text. It's a tad cagey but we'll all soon see.

    Again strange for Wymer to play it close to their chest.



  • Well StillCan'tDance, I couldn't possibly comment.

    This makes me laugh out loud. Just because I remember the fuzz between you and AlanH in the past.

    Nevermind, we are here now and everything is fine.


    First we learned to walk on water.

    Then we tried something harder.

    - Red Seven -

  • Question is: Why is there NO information about the photographer / responsible person for this project? Very strange actually.

    This was my concern as well. I'd love a copy, but I don't want to contribute to a project not knowing whether or not the photographers are being properly compensated. Especially as they're going to list people by name!

  • @ Kate, Wymer has used the services of Alan Perry before both in the Steve Hackett book that Alan Hewitt penned and the Selection of Shows. So it is not likely that Mr Alan Perry would be taken advantage of. The window for adding to the project I suspect has passed, or its between Mr Alan Perry and Wymer.

    Sadly much as we might wish to contribute to a project, you just have to realise when its a Photo book that showcases one mans photo's, there little else you can add.



  • Oh I didn't mean by contributing photos, I meant financially (as the page says that if you order within a certain period, your name goes into the book, which makes it sound as if they need a certain threshold of financial backers before it gets printed). And it's not clear that it's one person's photos, which is what I was curious about.

  • @ Paperkate, a lot of books are financed this way... it is how small to medium sized publishers work. Unless your one of the big guns like Widerfield and Nicolson or Penguin and many others.

    Admittedly the marketing is not that informative, like you I would share those queries.



  • I don't mind a book being financed that way (proud supporter of Music For Elephants here). But I want information what I may be investing in. The announcement seems to coast on the concept of "fans are so desperate, they are going to buy everything we dangle before them". Don't like that. Mind you, the product may turn out good in the end.

    ...cried a voice in the crowd.