Unfortunate sale of ticket...

  • My dream was to see Genesis just once. As an Australian, and not that old, it’s never been an option, until now. Finally I’m in a place where I could afford overseas travel to see my favourite band of all time. I booked a ticket to the Belfast show (along with airfares and accomodation of course), but I’ve been bitten by the COVID bug like millions of others. The borders between Australia and Europe almost definitely won’t open between now and April, so I’ll sell my ticket if anyone is keen? I’m a bit dubious that the show will go ahead at all, but you never know. Fingers crossed for my European friends. 😊

  • I’d personally wait and see if they will be providing refunds as I cannot see it happening April next year or next year at all. I think it is probably certain they will either postpone till 2022 ( which is annoying as the money is tied up ) or hopefully do the right thing and cancel the tour completely and give people the option of buying again or getting a full refund given what we know now .

    I sadly don’t think that Tickets will sell for anything near what we paid for them which was a considerable sum laying dormant in some companies bank account .

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