New STEVE HACKETT album: "Under A Mediterranean Sky" (Review now online!)

  • I got the CD just now and haven't had opportunity to do a full listen yet. But I have one observation.

    I decided to compare the UNDER version of "Lorato" with the one from HARMONY FOR ELEPHANTS, which I can do both aurally and visually with some sound editing software. It appears that both versions are taken from the same performance, but the HARMONY one is edited in a few places so as to be about 20 seconds shorter. Oddly, though, one little bit about 20 seconds in is slightly longer in the HARMONY version. Go figure.

    The Seat Bunny!

  • I have both albums but haven't even noticed this track is on both =O

    Tried to check your observation, but can't find what you mentioned. Will check again later when I have more time.