More Genesis trivia questions

  • I'd been saving these questions for the Genesis Trivia Quiz thread, but that seems to have stopped getting posted to, and I wasn't likely to get a turn anytime soon anyway. So here they are. These don't call for any inside knowledge or anything; the answers are just mundane things that I've observed.

    (1) Among Genesis studio albums, what is only true of their first 3 (FGTR / Trespass / Nursery) and their last (CAS)?

    (Hint: This is technically true of every band's first album, but Genesis's has a better claim to this than most.)

    (2) Among Genesis studio album tracks, what is uniquely true about "Los Endos" and "No Son of Mine"?

    (3) Among Genesis studio album tracks, "The Serpent" represents one extreme and "A Trick Of The Tail" represents the other. What are the opposite things that are true of these two tracks?

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  • Sounds about right. And as for the hint: The first album has a different drummer than the singles preceding it.

  • Henry & Sredni - Correct all around!

    As for #3 - This will be a tough question. Hint: It's observable from the track information (as seen in, say, Wikipedia), but I had to know the basic track information from all Genesis studio albums in order to figure it out.

    People tend not to find what they're not looking for.

  • Number 3:

    The Serpent is the longest track on FGTR, but it is the shortest longest track on any Genesis album

    Shipwrecked is the shortest track on CAS, but it is the longest shortest track on any Genesis album

    I haven't actually checked this by the way!

  • Raelway Siding -- You got the answer correct, even though I just realized I had the question wrong! Well done!

    The actual "longest shortest" track would be "A Trick Of The Tail." I have corrected this above.

    People tend not to find what they're not looking for.

  • OK, here's one that should be easy.

    One track from each lead singer: "It," "Throwing It All Away," and "The Dividing Line." What odd thing do they have in common?

    People tend not to find what they're not looking for.

  • Thought it might be that the singer's first name is featured in the song. But that's only clearly true for The Dividing Line ("a little ray of light"). But in It you have "peter" only as an anagram in "pretentious", and in Throwing It All Away you'll just find the odd drum "fill" as in almost any song with drums ... :/

    Another thought was: Maybe the song's title is quoted in another song by Genesis (or related to Genesis). That's certainly true for It, but which songs' lyrics contain "throwing it all away" or "the dividing line" ...? :/

  • Wow, I thought this would be a lot easier.

    Hint: It involves something simple that happened with the songs, rather than anything about the songs themselves.

    People tend not to find what they're not looking for.

  • My next thought was It was re-recorded for official release, were the others? But no, I don't believe so.

    Personally I'm at the "Oh just bloody tell us!" stage now.

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