NIC COLLINS: new band releases debut single

  • PHIL COLLINS' son Nicholas is also busy with his own band, Better Strangers. The band is more or less a continuation of his last band Fifty Eight Hundred, and they have released their debut single today.


  • That's interesting indeed! During recent years my musical taste has developed more and more towards heavier rock, with for instance Dream Theater and Galahad. This song by Better Strangers certainly has enough melody to satisfy my taste. It will be interesting to follow this band.

    But of course, had it not been for Nicholas being involved I would have neither heard of this band, nor paid any attention. Always when there is a connection to a group or an artist I like a lot I am willing to explore what the associated musicians are up to.

    It would be possible to listen to music by Genesis, by a Genesis member or by a musician with connection to Genesis for a whole day without getting bored.