Genesis: Chapter and Verse

  • I have a memory of reading in Genesis: Chapter & Verse that Anthony Philips told the band he was quitting while at Richmond Athletics Club. Since I lent the book to someone and never got it back, I can't check whether I'm recalling this correctly. I'd like to know because I'm writing a book on the Richmond/Twickenham music scene of the 1960s/70s. If there's somebody has the book to hand, would they mind checking this information for me, please. Many thanks in advance.

  • Hello Collfillins. Your first post is being answered by another first timer.

    You are correct. On page 80 of Chapter & Verse Mike says:

    "It was Richmond Rugby Club, some kind of bash. Richard Macphail took the three of us into the middle of the rugby pitch and said, 'Ant wants a word', and he told me."