Barry Williams show "Adulterated" version?

  • Saw a Barry Williams Show CD single and it had two tracks of the song, the "Unadulterated" version (which I assume is just the single) and also an "Adulterated" version ... anyone know what that's about? Does it have different lyrics or something?

  • Dont know. Guessing it's PGs usual play on words and CD is an edited radio version and the original album version . If there is another version out there I would like to hear it?

    • Official Post

    The unadulterated version is incomplete - the following verses are missing

    That girl has got no scruples'

    Not a wrinkle on her face

    You would not believe the plot she conceived

    So they'd let her take my place

    Well, no man is an island

    No man is a sea

    But this display of emotion

    Is all but drowning me

    What a show, oh what a show

    On my show, the Barry Williams show

    It's my show

    What a show

    Dysfunctional excess

    Is all it took for my success




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