Your favorite tracks on ... "Dance Into the Light"

  • What are your favorite tracks on "Dance Into the Light"? 27

    1. Lorenzo (15) 56%
    2. Oughta Know By Now (10) 37%
    3. River So Wide (9) 33%
    4. Dance Into the Light (8) 30%
    5. Just Another Story (8) 30%
    6. The Same Moon (7) 26%
    7. It's In Your Eyes (5) 19%
    8. Love Police (3) 11%
    9. No Matter Who (3) 11%
    10. That's What You Said (2) 7%
    11. Wear my Hat (2) 7%
    12. The Times They Are A-Changing (2) 7%
    13. Take Me Down (1) 4%

    I Open this topic to what your's three favorites songs of Dance Into the Light.

    For me, my favorite song of the album was the title-track. This track was the best song of the album, but also one of the few very good songs of the album. I like the sound, the vibe and also the music video of this song, his best music video of his career (with Both Sides of the Story). A contrast of the dark and experimental sound of Both Sides. It's a shame to the Dance Into the Light was very so-so.

    In fact, depiste this was very inferior to Both Sides, Face Value and ...But Seriously, this album included few goods songs like It's In Your Eyes and the title track, also Wear my hat was not so bad to listen with a entraining and african styles (used before to Hand in Hand and Survivors before this album).

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    Lorenzo, Love Police and Oughta Know By Now

  • I went for Just Another Story, The Same Moon & River So Wide, but not with much enthusiasm.

    The problem was the sound and the songs in this album, it's irriting at some times in the album and included more bad songs to good songs. At the opposite, Both Sides was very dark and very experimental, not a joyful album, but so much better to Dance Into the Light and Testify and the last very good of him. In fact, Both Sides and ...But Seriously was her highlest of her creativity. It's a shame this album was but i not imangined then he recording a more worse album later (Testify was a horror, i like only two songs of the album, the rest was so much bad).

    But i remember to listen the title track because my mother have the ...Hits Collection in CD and she listen many times a weeks.

  • Lorenzo, Oughta know by now and No matter who for me.

    then It's in your eyes and Wear my hat, plus The times ...

    all in all not a very convincing album, but it has its moments.

    ... make tomorrow today!

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    I still like the album a lot, it has a fresh and bright sound and was a nice contrast to Both Sides. I also liked the tour a lot (with the center stage and a lot of drumming).

    Is that really 25 years ago already? ....

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    You know what’s funny, for years I only focused on his albums up through and including But Seriously. I heard his various singles on his later albums on the radio. I listened to this album a few weeks ago and heard Wear My Hat for the first time and can’t get enough of it. It’s great. And the video is hilarious with Danny Devito.

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  • The same moon

    Oughta Know by Now

    Overall I thought this was Phil's worst album

    I don't really agree. Having written that, I think "The same moon" is quite an odd choice for a Top 3 song. But of course it's your opinion, so that's fine. I just think there are 9 or 10 better tracks on that record, including the other one you have mentioned.

    some are wise ... and some otherwise

  • I chose:


    It's In Your Eyes

    The Same Moon

    Back when the remasters came out I spent a couple weeks re-listening to each album over and over. While back at the time of it's original release I liked Dance Into The Light a lot because it was a lot more upbeat than Both Sides. Upon re-examination I feel like this one fell down to (perhaps) the bottom of my PC album list.

    Where Both Sides had great songs let down by Phil's overreliance on synthesizers, "Dance" had a great band let down by a lot of underdeveloped ideas. I know Phil has always gone from demo to finished product quickly, this was the first album where I feel like many of the songs needed a little more work.

  • I don't really agree. Having written that, I think "The same moon" is quite an odd choice for a Top 3 song. But of course it's your opinion, so that's fine. I just think there are 9 or 10 better tracks on that record, including the other one you have mentioned.

    It's great that we don't agree, that's what makes us all fans.... I love " Both Sides " but the critics didn't

  • Lorenzo, The Same Moon and It's In Your Eyes.

    All three are very different from each other-yet representative of the different sounds on this album.

    Lorenzo is one of my favorite PC songs, epic in its own way, especially when knowing there's no drum machine used.

    The Same Moon meant a lot to me when I would spend summers away from my college girlfriend, who became my wife (we lived in different states).

    Dance Into The Light was the first single I heard from Phil's DITL album, and it made me excited that he had a new album coming, although it's not necessarily my favorite. I had just become a PC fan a couple years before, and hearing those characteristic horns explode into the beginning of the album, I remember thinking "Phil Collins is BACK!"

    As for It's In Your Eyes, I like it so much because it's so different from all the things he's done before.