Hackett U.A.M.S Cream Vinyl Variant

  • Hi all

    Well all, finally I’ve joined the gang (so long as it’s not The Barking Slugs). I’ve been a fan since as a snot nosed 11 year old way back in ‘74, I was introduced to the band via a millionth generation grainy C90 of N.C by a class mate. Who can forget the single jack plug earphone into portable cassette players? “The Musical Box” was a revelation and still my favourite, so I decided there and then to get a job(s) as a newspaper boy; working every morning and evening and Sat and Sun and also as a butchers delivery boy on a Sat am when needed, to save up for the catalogue. I declined to buy FGTR as I wanted the original and almost thirty years later I was lucky enough to get near mint copies of all the U.K. original releases of that album.

    Anyway, thanks for the notice re the different variants of Hackett’s forthcoming LP. However, you fellow fans in U.K. (certainly mainland, if that’s not an insult to our NI friends) may be aware that jpc.de won’t accept orders from us. Indeed, my order for the exclusive cream vinyl edition was cancelled and refunded two weeks after it was accepted. I have tried to get my daughter’s friend, who has moved to Austria to get the LP for me, but if you have a U.K. registered bank account no dice.

    It seems strange as Inside Out haven’t as yet cancelled my order for the other colour variants on their site.

    Can you at the Forum help please, perhaps even getting a few for us fans, fanatics, storkers, afficianados etc?

    Here’s hoping.

    Carl Jacobs