BBC: Patrick Woodroffe about the Genesis tour lighting

  • I do wish the BBC had not included this bit as the conspiracy theorists have been triggered.

    Those people would be triggered regardless of that reference being there.

    If he'd said "We started with a rehearsal list of 23 songs..." and "...we've been running through the lighting changes for a few weeks now"

    23? That's a 2 and a 3. And 2 + 3 = 5 - a clear reference to the 5-piece! And 'FOR a few weeks' - the FOR clearly means they'll be on FOUR songs together. It's happening!

    I wouldn't be able to resist having some fun with it, I'd refer to a really helpful person being 'a total angel' and trying to resolve some thorny tech problem as 'we weren't sure we were going to hack it'

    Abandon all reason

  • 2hrs, 20-24 songs have been rehearsed, included snippets or mentions of FOF, HOYH, HBTS, LOC, and Domino (obviously).

    I was just thinking, although I'm 100% sure it won't happen, with up to 24 songs rehearsed and a 2 hour setlist, they *could* theoretically mix up the setlist from night to night.

    Y'know, swapping out White Mountain for Entangled and so on...

    Haha, kind of kidding, more like playing That's All instead of Jesus He Knows Me or Jesus He Knows Me instead of Land of Confusion one night. Would be kind of nice.

  • Life's too short for mights.. the shows might go ahead, they might not, they might play X, they might play Y. As if SH is going to say, hey folks, you don't mind if I cut the last hour of my show at the Apollo, so I can pop down the road to play IKWIL with my old colleagues at the Arena. My expectation is both dates will be rescheduled anyway.

    This weird connected world makes money out of people's unhealthy addiction to clicks, social media and news speculation.

    News reports used to be this happened today, and here's a panda at the zoo story to round things off... Just facts, no opinion, now it's this might happen tomorrow. Just in the last week every newspaper has run the this age group will be vaccinated by this date speculation, every story was completely different.- it's just pointless wasting time thinking about what might happen.

    History shows, the band don't vary setlists much or at all. For such a short run, the most you might get is a one song variation from night to night.

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  • I finally got around to listening to this today and I concur with others here - that doesn't sound like Phil on HBTS. More like a backup singer. Grainier voice and a different tone somewhat. I did hear Phil's voice though on the opening line to HOMH. They seemed to otherwise cut around his vocal parts which is interesting. Maybe the takes here didn't have his vocals in all parts as he was working on them. Who knows? Interesting listen though!

  • Regarding PG's certainly interesting.

    Obviously there's a part of me that hopes Peter was phoning to ask "Have you figured out the optimum lighting colour temperature for my flower mask?" but there any number of reasons why he might call. Perhaps Peter was merely doing the band the courtesy of asking how their rehearsals were going? Peter and Patrick worked together in the past on Peter's arena tours, so perhaps they're looking at lighting for a future Peter Gabriel venture?