New interview with Steve Hackett online (May 2021)

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    Hi everybody

    I will do an interview with Steve shortly.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here. I am always grateful for good ideas for questions.

    update 4th June

    Interview is now online…erview-May-2021-s797.html

  • What are your plans for live performance now/once the Genesis Revisited chronology has run its course? A return to a focus on your solo output?

    Any plans for acoustic shows? If not a tour, then select showcase performances based around the latest album.

    (Of course, by the time touring resumes and Hackett has finished his planned Revisited shows, Mediterranean Sky will be long past and he will have moved on to the promised next rock project.)

  • No doubt not a general enough question for time limitations but here it is anyway for the hell of it:

    Steve, hello from New Zealand. A terribly specific question: your solo on "So Long the Day" by Tony Patterson and Brendan Eyre is absolutely magnificent, a yearning, swooping, howling snarl of a guitar solo that transforms a superbly moving song into a masterpiece. How does that solo/a solo like that come about? Do they send you a tape of the song with a note saying "fill in this bit here anyway you like"? Do they supply a description of the vibe/style they think it should be to guide you towards what they want? Do you record something, they listen, critique, back and forth etc. until they have what they want?

  • Why not ask him, how much of a challenge it was to play Dukas's Sorcerer's Apprentice for Alan Parsons?

    And wouldn't Parsons excellently fit Steve's rock-orchestral predilections, as a producer? That wouldn't mean chucking Roger out - Roger might focus on arranging and co-composing, two of his real strengths!

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    Thanks for your questions so far - I haven't set a date with Steve yet, so you may still add some quesrtions!

  • I'm not sure if this fits and I think if you did ask him the genuine answer would be no, but you'd get an "we'll see where the muse takes us" answer but I'd love to know the answer to this-

    Steve's recent rock/prog albums have had a "world" feel to them, as has the recent acoustic venture, and they are all great and very enjoyable. But does he feel he might do something more 'English/pastoral' in the future and might that ever involve Ant again?

    My reason for asking is that, even though I really like his recent output, I yearn a bit for the old twelve string Genesis and also the Steve that gave us 'The Virgin and the Gypsy, and Voyage of the Acolyte, where a piece could breathe slowly without having to nip round the world - musically speaking. I feel he could make some very original music, by exploring those sounds within the context of songs and song cycles which would bring out the talents of this band without having to fly in via the internet exotic instruments from all over the globe every time.

    Anyway, he's a smashing bloke and you'll have a great interview Christian. Enjoy!

  • I would like to ask If at all possible would he possibly consider asking about re issuing those Genesis Green/Red/Blue box sets in Blu Ray Audio or the original SACD format. And also why haven’t those particular versions been re issued again for fans like me who missed out first time around.

  • For Steve:

    Since you briefly lived in Canada as you described in your book, did you ever consider coming back and how disappointed or happy were you with your parents decision on returning to England?

    Anticipated thanks if you introduce my questions to Steve and hope that the interview is soon!

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    We will set a date for the interview soon!

  • Australian borders are now closed until June so I think I can answer my own question about whether the tour (which is May, by the way - my mistake) will take place.

    And yet last month we allowed hundreds of tennis players and their entourages in for the Australian Open.

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    I hope to find a slot for me and Steve by the end of the week

  • Has this interview taken place yet?

    I read on Wikipedia recently that 'Former Genesis member Steve Hackett in interviews said "Mama" was his favourite song from the band after his departure, calling it "beautifully haunting".'

    There was no source to this, does anyone know if it's true?

    To that end, I would be interested in knowing what Steve's favourite Genesis song is from after he left. I know he was a big fan of Mike's Smallcreep's Day and that he watched the band on the Duke Tour and was impressed.

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    Interview done

    Now transcription duties