Have Tony and Mike changed their minds regarding FGTR?

  • Today the Genesis Official Store sent out an e-mail regarding the anniversary of FGTR, the 52nd anniversary ... Regarding what the band thinks of this album and how little interest they have shown for it, I was very surprised to see not only the ordinary merchandise, but also the album itself (as an LP) for sale in the official store.

    Does this mean anything? Maybe Tony and Mike have finally decided to pay the price Jonathan King wants for the rights to the music? And maybe there will soon be another re-release, but a final one, by the band itself?


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    An expanded reissue of From Genesis to revelation is out soon on Cherry Red.


    So maybe they have finally obtained the rights? In this case, why have they chosen a different Record Company compared to their other albums?

    so it looks more like some kind of licensed release.

  • The fact it's coming out on Cherry Red suggests there has been some sort of licensing arrangement. It's the same (parent) company as the Banks reissues. (And now does Ant's stuff.) As for the LP being available from the official store, I put this down to it being the US one. Has anyone checked the European?

    Oh, and just to clarify, today isn't the anniversary of the album's release. I was pleased to see the store email just said "March". It seems a coincidence the email was issued on the day some areas of the internet say it was released.

    Phil Morris

  • When they finally acknowledge their first album, perhaps there is also hope for Calling all stations then?

    anyway, I also wonder what extras they might put on that record we haven't heard yet. Don't think there is something completely unnown they could add. So I assume it's more or less demo stuff. Maybe something from the Archive set?


  • I don't expect too much, but this may indeed be the first time Tony Smith & company are dealing with this album "properly" (whatever that means, since we all know they are not really doing decent releases of the back catalogue)

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    Any news about the the edition of the first album? A bit strange we haven’t heard more about that ...

    not until now I’m afraid. Sooner or later we will know ...