Making a Big Mistake

  • Was listening to the AGAINST ALL ODDS soundtrack recently, and wanted to comment on this song.

    Mike sounds a lot better here than on ACTING VERY STRANGE -- so much so that I was once unable to convince another listener that it was actually him! (The only part that sounds weak to me is "a different wo-o-orld.") I really wish Mike had done an album where his singing sounded like it does on this song, instead of how it sounds on AVS.

    Also, I suspect that all the parts in the song -- vocal & instrumental -- were performed by Mike. The only part I wonder about is the strange, female-sounding voice at the end. What is that? An uncredited guest singer? A sped-up Mike? Hmm...

    It often takes more wisdom to unlearn what's wrong than to learn what's right.

  • I don't believe I have ever heard this song until now.

    During the first part I was thinking Mike seemed to be making a conscious effort to stay within his range, and then we got to the chorus...

    The main problem I have with most of AVS and with the chorus of this track, is that Mike tries singing a little too raucously for his vocal capabilities.

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  • First time I've ever heard that song, it's pretty good! His voice is a bit more serviceable than I remember it on what I heard from AVS, which was like 20 years ago at this point.