Which five bands?

  • Do you have their Christmas album? I love it!

    Yes, in fact it's one of the few albums I can confidently play in mixed company on Christmas Day without my wife making a face or reacting as if I am subjecting our family and guests to the live industrial sounds of King Crimson.

  • Been listening to the Greenslade remasters lately via spotify. They sound very good so methinks I'll be getting them at some point, which leads me to my five most played bands currently:



    Spock's Beard

    Show Ya

    Sally Oldfield


  • I certainly intend getting Time & Tide, easily their best, IMO.


    Works with chess - Not with life

  • Tull remained a heavy part of my playlist in the last month, but also...

    Alan Parsons Project

    Anthony Phillips

    Joe Walsh and various related (solo, Barnstorm, The James Gang, The Eagles)

    Van Morrison

  • Genesis (Yes, after a long, long time, I'm going through the catalogue again - magnificent!)

    The Watch (Been watching their Genesis covers on you tube, very impressive indeed)

    Pink Tones (Great Spanish Floyd tribute band, some superb performances, again on you tube)

    Antoine Baril (He's actually a drummer, but he can play everything. Has done some magnificent Genesis and Rush instrumental medleys, again on you tube)

    Arena (Once again fully enjoying the music of one of the best modern prog bands around)

  • ...and now it's May!


    Pink Floyd (yes, Nick Mason's shows have made an impact)

    The Who (I'm seeing them soon)



    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • Since then it's been a lot of...

    The James Gang (+ Joe Walsh solo)

    The Eagles

    Van Morrison

    Pink Floyd (+ David Gilmour solo)

    Genesis (+ AP, PC and Brand X)