General appreciation of PC

  • Ok, it's hard to imagine now but Phil was in the same category as Michael Jackson and Madonna in 1986 - 87. But he was also playing drums on Apocalypse in 9/8 with Genesis *at the same time*.

    What. A. Legend.

    Seriously incomparable. No one was as good in so many different domains as he was. He had soul and he rocked. He was inventive and technically gifted. He somehow managed to be pretty funny too.

    Flawless? Of course not. But "we'll never see the likes of him again!"

    Also, this isn't an obituary. The dude is still alive. I just felt the urge to say nice things I believe are true about PC.

  • I totally agree with you :)

  • Phil is always a bit stuck in the "ballad" category, but when you look closer, you find out that his range is simply astonishing, from Prog, Fusion, Rock, Pop, Big Band, Soundtracks, Motown etc. Then THAT drum sound, the biggest drum fill ever etc ...

    But one thing remains true: his best album was his first.