Would anything on the trio albums have fit well on the previous albums?

  • I think some might have worked on the foursome LPs, but not really in the Gabriel era. Although I've always thought it would be cool to hear Peter Gabriel sing Heathaze, don't know why.

  • With the lone exception of Follow You, Follow Me, I don’t think any track from ATTW3 would have sounded out of place on Wind & Wuthering.

    I also think Evidence of Autumn, Duchess or Heathaze - any of those songs - could have fit in with either of the four-man era albums without creating a stir or raising eyebrows.

  • Gabriel singing Heathaze? That would be incredible.

    Of all of the non-Gabriel tracks, I have always thought that about Heathaze and, One for the Vine too, for that matter. I think Gabriel would have done a tremendous job with both of them. Collins is great on those, don't get me wrong, but they would definitely fit with Gabriel singing them. Abacab and going forward, not so much, I'd say. At least I wouldn't say he'd really enhance them.

  • I could hear Gabriel singing Undertow. Would have some serious Wallflower type thing going. But as for songs from 1978 on fitting on earlier albums, not much. Whodunnit could maybe be on NC instead of Harold the Barrel, but the progression in production and style makes it hard to imagine.

  • I think quite a few of the quieter songs or more likely bits of all sorts of songs could have done because on the early albums all sorts of writing combinations happened to produce bits that were then stitched together. But the Banks/Gabriel partnership had gone and the realignment meant that one bedrock of early writing had gone - just as the Phillips/Rutherford went before and then the rehearsing/arranging/polishing stages became different, until eventually most things came out of jams. So lots of bits but perhaps not many whole songs?

  • I feel songs like Afterglow, Duchess, Dreaming While You Sleep, and of course Mama would have worked in the Gabriel era. As for HBTS, my favourite Genesis song, I totally agree.