Steve Hackett joins illuminae to a debut album

  • Those who follow Steve's work and love him, that's me.:)

    He appears on the album illuminae - Dark Horizon's which has just been released this year. This is an excellent album.:thumbup:.

    This is an album created by Ian Jones ( Karnataka and Chasing The Monsoon) and Agnieszka Swita (Caamora).

    Also as guests are Steve Hackett, Craig Blundell(Steve Wilson and Steve Hackett Band) and John Halliwell(Supertramp)

    Highly recommended album.

  • Have to look this up, anything Steve is on is worth looking at :)

    Thanks for the tip,

    Found it on Amazon and have ordered it. Noticed another of the guests on it is Troy Donockley from one of my fav bands, Nightwish :)