Your favorite GENESIS album cover artwork (pick five)

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    What are your favorite album cover artworks? 44

    1. Cover-Artwork of "A Trick Of The Tail" (34) 77%
    2. Cover-Artwork of "Wind & Wuthering" (29) 66%
    3. Cover-Artwork of "Nursery Cryme" (23) 52%
    4. Cover-Artwork of "Selling England By The Pound" (23) 52%
    5. Cover-Artwork of "Trespass" (15) 34%
    6. Cover-Artwork of "We Can't Dance" (15) 34%
    7. Cover-Artwork of "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" (15) 34%
    8. Cover-Artwork of "Duke" (13) 30%
    9. Cover-Artwork of "Foxtrot" (10) 23%
    10. Cover-Artwork of "Abacab" (9) 20%
    11. Cover-Artwork of "Seconds Out" (5) 11%
    12. Cover-Artwork of "Genesis Live" (4) 9%
    13. Cover-Artwork of "And Then There Were Three" (3) 7%
    14. Cover-Artwork of "Calling All Stations" (2) 5%
    15. Cover-Artwork of "Live Over Europe" (1) 2%
    16. Cover-Artwork of "Genesis" (Shapes) (1) 2%
    17. Cover-Artwork of "Invisible Touch" (1) 2%
    18. Cover-Artwork of "Platinum Collection" (1) 2%
    19. Cover-Artwork of "From Genesis To Revelation" (0) 0%
    20. Cover-Artwork of "Turn It On Again: The Hits" (0) 0%
    21. Cover-Artwork of "The Way We Walk Live" (0) 0%
    22. Cover-Artwork of "Three Sides Live" (0) 0%
    23. Cover-Artwork of "R-Kive" (0) 0%

    Liquid Len requested a separate Genesis albums poll, which ONLY is about the album cover artwork.

    For this reason I have included live albums and the major compilations.

    You can pick up to five covers.

  • Genesis has some great album covers. I went with Wind and Wuthering, because it perfectly captures that kind of autumnal, rainy, misty atmosphere that seems to pervade the album. Or maybe the album cover made me think of that atmosphere as I first listened to the record and forever biased my impressions.

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    Thanks Christian.


    Nursery Cryme

    Selling England

    Wind and Wuthering


    I agree with Dr John, love the feel of W&W, it feels reminiscent of late fall/early winter. Wonderful. Trespass deserves special mention too, that pastoral feel-but then the big slash across it with the knife stabbing into the back of the album. I love album covers that reflect the music contained within.

  • Re: the cover of R-Kive. What were they thinking? A first year graphic design student would have made it, then deleted it to save themselves a failing grade.

    I like the W&W cover like others here, more than some of the music on it. It's quite evocative, a real November album. And Nursery Cryme is very distinctive. Great to see Trespass getting some love!

  • I'm surprised to see the Lamb lagging behind. I'm biased because it's my favourite album, but I think the art/packaging is next level.

    I love Wind and Wuthering. I don't know whether it's a coincidence, but the artwork matches the contents perfectly IMO. (As does ATTWT but i didnt choose that one). W&W =autumn and ATTWT = winter, in my head!

    The cover to Seconds Out is the main reason I lusted after a Les Paul as a youth, especially one with the pickguard still on (guitarists will understand!)

  • I have to mention that And Then There Were Three deserves honorable mention for being an especially atrocious album cover. I love the songs within; god knows what is going on on the cover. I know that it has been explained on Wikipedia and stuff, I can’t see any of that though when I look at it.

    Well it's a fairly standard Hipgnosis cover in that it's abstract and ambiguous. Don't know if it's really meant to mean anything. However, I do like it. It's atmospheric (that beautiful sky!) and suits the album well.

  • I know I've definitely read (or heard on Tabletop Genesis) what the cover is supposed to mean.

    But it's gone from my memory and even looking at the cover again doesn't help jog my memory. THAT'S how unclear the cover is!

    Having said that, I still think it's a really good cover. And nicely fits the wintry vibe of the album.

  • Nursery Cryme, and SEBTP through to W&W, But Trick is head and shoulders above the others. Back in the day, I photocopied the cover and used it as a poster. Same artist, and same idea (all songs illustrated) as another great cover, Songwriter by Justin Hayward.

    Dishonourable mention to Shapes. One of the worst of all time, let alone all on this list.


    Putting the old-fashioned Staffordshire plate in the dishwasher!

  • I'm torn between that and IT, both incredibly tasteless.

    That's the 80s for you! :)

    GENESIS is something else though. I've emptied our dustbins with more care than they took to choose that cover.

    A 5 year old using crayons would have rejected it on the basis it betrayed a distinct lack of care.

  • That's the 80s for you! :)

    GENESIS is something else though. I've emptied our dustbins with more care than they took to choose that cover.

    A 5 year old using crayons would have rejected it on the basis it betrayed a distinct lack of care.

    I agree, if with IT it looks like they made some effort but their mind was somewhere else, with Shapes it looks like they couldn't even be bothered.

  • Lamb




    We Can't Dance

    On flipside of this, I think IT is their worst. The logo is uninteresting and the artwork is like an old computer program called KidPix. Shapes was pretty lax too, but at least there was a logo to go along with it.