Lionel Richie Say You (Say Me) / Apocalypse in 9/8 (medley)

  • Had a long, long drive in car today with wife.

    Wife drives so, unfortunately, she always puts Magic FM on.

    In the middle of a day-dream heading, curiously, towards Farnham.

    Within the sun-scorched blare of diesel fumes, Lionel Richie 'Say You Say Me' came on.

    There is a badly placed fast section where the speed seems to be 9/8.

    My half dreaming mind started chanting...

    "With the guards of Magog swarming around..."

    And it actually all fits in, you actually can hum/sing that first verse of Apocalypse perfectly within that Lionel Richie fast section.

    Try it. :!::!::!:

  • Cool! I think I know the part of the song you’re referring to. I’ll take a listen. I bet there are a handful of songs out there you can do that with.

  • LOL - brilliant! Indeed that fits. Besides, I always liked that track for being a bit special in the Lionel World ....

    erm... Lionel ... that’s also the name of the Demo of “do you remember” 🤔




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  • That reminds me of a piece by Rush on the Caress of Steel album. You can sing along 'Downtown' to the music.