Steve Hackett's new rock album (due September 2021) - your expectations?

  • Hey community

    Now that we know (thanks to the interview published here recently) that Steve will publish a new rock album in September, I wonder what your expectations are?

    Based on his revelations, I assume we'll get some fast guitar playing, tracks that might be "harder" compared to previous albums and there's also a track with Nad doing lead vocals (that hasn't happened since GR2, I think).

    I'm curious and looking forward to hearing the album. What do you think?

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  • This may sound too negative, but I am not expecting a lot.

    I mean, it will be a decent album and some nice ideas. I just think he won't change a lot, the sound will more or less be the same.

    But it's great to know that he has at least one guest vocalist (not my favorite, but hey ...)

  • there's also a track with Nad doing lead vocals (that hasn't happened since GR2, I think).

    Actually, Nad sings on "Inca Terra" from THE NIGHT SIREN.

    My expectations? Pretty much the same as Nanumani's. Based on other recent albums I also expect that the album will (1) have a title that has no obvious connection to any of the material on it; and (2) leave me wondering whether it will be worth it for me to get the Japanese edition with the exclusive bonus tracks!

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  • I have all of Steve's solo albums, including the almost yearly live one's he's released lately.

    His first 3-4 albums were great. The next 20-25 years, the albums were very uneven. Usually could count on 1-2 great tracks on each with some below average stuff on each. Wild Orchids is great. His last 5-6 albums, there's really nothing that I would consider a standout track. Some decent stuff, for sure, but nothing I'd want to listen to more than 2-3 times.

    My expectations are fairly low, but I know I'll buy it. I'll be very happy if there are 2-3 songs strong enough for me to add them to my listening library.

  • I'm looking forward to Steve's next release with a great deal of anticipation. I love his recent work (as well as all his early work) and think it's some of his best. I'm amazed at the quality he continues to put out after all these years and at an age where others' releases become few and far between (or non-existent ... Hello, Peter!). September will be a bit of an early Christmas. Can't wait!

  • Expectations low. The last few albums have sounded to me like a sort of generic mush. The songs are like breath on a window, faded and gone and leaving no trace. To make matters worse, after each album he then goes on tour playing one or two of the new tracks in a show otherwise devoted to his own decades-old stuff and being a tribute act to the band he was in 40+ years ago. Those aren't the actions of an artist with much conviction in his own new material, which is what a musician surely wants to highlight and be most proud of.

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  • I am afraid I expect it to disappoint. Like so many solo artists, without the cut and thrust of a band to edit and improve, Steve seems to have hit a formula which produces polished and competent albums with superb playing but not much light and shade. They all seem to me to be over complicated by winging in bits from mates all over the world and I’d love to hear a simple band album with some rock tracks and some ballads. I think that would really enhance his reputation. That said, I have all his stuff and will support him, but don’t expect to play it more than half a dozen times. But I think it’s his right to do what he wants and what sells well and I think his tours work well and good luck to him- even though I’d rather see more solo stuff. Whatever he does is likely to be better than the rest of the band these days.

  • I am not the biggest Hackett follower on earth, but I like his output and also that he keeps producing new albums, also with completely different concepts. The last few records were indeed a bit "less exciting", probably because they all sound the same. Maybe he should limit himself regarding the use of intsruments etc, but all in all I am sure I will find something worth listening on the upcomng album as well...

    At the end of the day - what are we complaing about? Someone who produces new music and new records on a yearly basis? Imagine Peter did that ...

  • I quite like his latest, Under a Mediterranean Sky, but the last electric album Steve released that I really enjoyed (excluding GR2) was Wild Orchids — so it's been 15 years.

    I'm, of course, very curious to hear what the next album has to offer but I also find myself in the same boat, going in with modest expectations.