Your favorite tracks on ... "IV" (Security)

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    Your favorite tracks on ... "IV" (Security) 40

    1. San Jacinto (28) 70%
    2. The Rhythm Of The Heat (22) 55%
    3. Wallflower (16) 40%
    4. I Have The Touch (14) 35%
    5. Shock The Monkey (12) 30%
    6. Lay Your Hands On Me (12) 30%
    7. The Family And The Fishing Net (9) 23%
    8. Kiss Of Life (1) 3%

    Following the albums poll about Phil Collins and Genesis, we'd like to start the favorite tracks poll also for PETER GABRIEL.

    This one is about his album IV, released in 1982.

    So far available:

    Rated PG

    Scratch My Back




  • This is the first PG album I bought as a PG fan - I hadn't discovered him when PG3 came out.

    It was an exciting time. This album, the tour, the South Bank Show special, and also the Milton Keynes reunion, which I've already droned on about in other threads.

    I played this album a lot at the time. It seemed very forward thinking, very creative. I don't think it has aged well. It's got that early 80s digital sound which I'm not a fan of. For me, the fact is I just don't listen to it very often.

    I still love Rhythm, San Jacinto and Wallflower. And to be honest I can live without the rest of it.

    PG2 never seems to get much attention, but I think that album has remained interesting in a way this one hasn't. This one is comfortably my least favourite PG solo album.

  • Interesting comments. I loved 3 and 4, they made him to me probably the most exciting artist of the time. But I haven't listened to this album for decades. Intrigued by your thoughts, I might give it a go soon. San Jacinto, Touch (the re-done version) and Hands have made their way onto PG compilations of mine - I love SJ, especially some of the live renditions I've seen.

    It'll indeed be interesting when we get to PG2, I agree it often seems to be the unloved child but I've always really liked it, it's an interesting transitional album and has two of my favourite PG tracks in White Shadow and Mother of Violence.

    Abandon all reason

  • This is perhaps my favourite of his albums, or at least the first one I really got completely into so it holds that sway. I love that it has a unifying sound, partly from the extensive use of the Fairlight and from the drum sounds and lack of cymbals. So it was hard to narrow down to just 3:

    The Rhythm of the Heat - this is all about music as drama; not really a standard song in terms of structure and flow.

    San Jacinto - I love the rippling folding-on-itself pattern, the poignant lyrics, and a powerful vocal performance.

    Lay Your Hands On Me - each verse starts off more experimental, spoken words in an uncertain atmosphere. It then progresses melodically into what almost sounds like an ecstatic religious ritual.

  • it took me a long time to warm to this album. I came.arpund, but I still don't love it. The standout tracks are great though - for me, San Jacinto and Wallflower. Rhythm of the Heat and I have the Touch are good too.

  • At the moment, this is my second favorite Gabriel album.

    It changed quite often, though.

    Have picked Wallflower, then Lay your hands on me and I have the touch :)

    ... make tomorrow today!

  • I love "Wallflower", that was also a highlight on "New Blood"

    "I have the touch" is also great, same with "Rhythm ..."

    I don't like "Kiss of life" and I also never really got into "Fishing net"

  • A love / hate album for me. Sometimes I can't listen to that one and prefer II or III. Favorite tracks vary, currently Wallflower and I have the touch (there's something cool about I have the touch that can't be found elsewhere quite often, hard to describe). Third one Rhythm of the heat :thumbup:


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    My choices are


    San Jacinto

    Lay Your Hands On Me

    I never really liked Fishing Net, but find Kiss Of Life pretty cool (listen to that in German!).

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    Wallflower was always a favorite of mine - especially on the German album, but my Top 3 songs are San Jacinto, I Have The Touch and Lay Your Hands One Me.