Genesis - The Invisible Touch Tour 1986/87

  • I think the vast majority of the humongous crowds for the IT tour came for the hits on IT and the previous album, so the setlist had to focus on those. I think including the full ITQE was quite a deep cut, even more than Apocalypse onward, so I was very happy with that.

    As long as they produced new music, they have always preferred to play new material. Fair enough. The 2007 and 2021/22 tours didn't have that, so the setlist was put together without that "new album out" thing. Nevertheless, fans will always complain and want different songs ....

  • To me, it always comes as a surprise when people are shocked that bands play new material on a tour that is supposed to promote... new material.

    At this stage, after 36 years, it just baffles me how people are still shocked that the set list from that tour did not include deep cuts from the Gabriel era.

  • I saw one of the Wembley shows and I was blown away by it. There was some imagination in playing the Brazilian even though it was on the IT album. It is only as I get older that I long for a more varied setlist as I was lucky to see on the Duke tour. Although even then a huge part of the show was dominated by the Duke suite. The reality is that a band is touring to promote a new album and they probably look forward to playing lots of new stuff.