The family of late Genesis fan Peter Vickers will auction his entire collection of band memorabilia worth an estimated £40,000 later this month.

  • Until looking through that catalogue, I'd had no idea Can Utility was originally called Bye Bye Johnny! It features on a Seven Stones 7" single in this collection and I had to look it up (and in doing so, discovered it was also referred to in its early form as Rock My Baby).

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  • I'd had no idea Can Utility was originally called Bye Bye Johnny!

    Yep, and at that time it was a somewhat different song, close to 8 minutes long with a lot of parts that weren't in the final version. I've heard a version from a (really bad-sounding) bootleg.

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  • The auction has been publicised widely, but looking at whats on sale I have to say I am underwhelmed. Some of the values are just plain silly, some of the lots have been bundled together which will cause problems for that collector looking for the 1 vinyl single.

    It is likely to be ruined by dealers who will be looking to make a quick dollar, expect to see some of it being resold on ebay or other sites.

    for your information, I know collectors who have larger collections and in better quality as well.

    Still, one to watch but potentially over hyped.

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  • Agreed, the condition of so many of the items is way below what I'd have expected, seems like Peter went for quantity over quality.

    As for the values, well they're listed as estimates so it'll be interesting to see if any of those are actually reserves.....


  • @ Dougal, fair point... same with the concert tickets, nothing uber rare but lazily the auctioneers have bundled them all together.

    A real shame as I thought Peter had more than that, his books always were informative and can be a go to guide... alas for obvious reasons we will see no more editions. But lets see how the auctions play out.