Steven Wilson

  • Absolutely love some of his work.

    I lived in the same town as Steven a while back. Literally less than a mile. I would regularly see him walking about as and when I was driving around. I never stopped to bother him until one day, walking through town, there he was standing outside Boots of all places waiting for someone. Naturally I went up to him and shook his hand. He seemed somewhat bewildered by my enthusiasm but what a fab guy. We got talking about the town, how it had changed and how long he'd lived there. He seemed genuinely interested in my responses. He is exactly how he is when you see him interviewed. The genuine article.

    I saw him once more walking back to his home a week or so after the tour had finished and then nothing. Had he got a car? Was he driving instead of walking? Turns out he had actually moved away ...and he'd got hitched into the bargain.

  • Yes I genuinely like him too.

    What you see us what you get.

    I have loved nearly everything he has done.

    Some of the No-Man stuff has moved me to tears. Just bought a cheap ticket at the back at the O2.

  • New song from upcoming SW album 'The Future Bites,' to be released June 12th.

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    Not sure if this belongs to the prog section or not ... ;)

    So the new album is out...

    I've heard the album three times now. Once this morning, then on the way to work and especially during the lunch break.

    Except for Self and 12 Things I Forgot, there's nothing really exciting there. Personal shoppers quickly get a big nerve factor.

    Follower is highly regarded among first impressions by fans, I find that completely irrelevant. No substance, no sense, not a good track.

    The drum sound is also suboptimal on many tracks. In this context, Hackett's drum sound is not that bad after all ;)

    Self is cool, I really like that.

    12 Things I Fotgot is a nice number that I will certainly hear more often.

    King Ghost is okay too.

    With the last mentioned tracks, I was wondering what would happene if they were the new Genesis tracks. That would be a special criticism, I'm sure.

    With 12 Things ... you also have to remind yourself that this type of track has been done in similar ways and often better by others, such as Wonder (by Mike + The Mechanics) and the outstanding Music Is A Princess by Prefab Sprout.

    Otherwise all of this is not very exciting. The "summit" is Man Of The People.

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    When Steven Wilson meets the real Steven Wilson…