What's your preferred medium for music listening?

  • I prefer to own music, so streaming is something I do not support. It is also not fair regarding payments for the artists.

    So it’s any physical medium, but I also buy a lot of digital music.

    I agree artists should be paid appropriately, and would happily pay more for any subscription service if it meant they would. However, I think of the sheer volume of new music I've listened to because of the ease with which I can. I've gone on to buy the ones I like the most for the very reason you mention, and also because I do like owning a physical copy too. At the end of the day, I feel like most artists would rather their music was listened to than not. I've no data to hand, but I doubt I'm the only person who buys the record/cd after streaming it, and I wonder if there's any correlation between number of streams/downloads and number of physical media sold. I bet there is, and I bet it's a positive correlation.

  • I like vinyl, but I am not a hardcore collector (I don't need ten different colored versions from one album). I also have a lot of CDs and also have losless audio files. Don't like streaming. I like to celebrate music, so I take some time to do it properly.