RAY WILSON interview (July 2021) now online

  • I'm not sure I've heard musicians talk that openly about the limits of their musical abilities and how they need other people to get their music to the point&level they want them to go to.

    Ray's thoughts of PG4 and its influence (that word may be too strong) on his album make me curious about the record.

    ...cried a voice in the crowd.

  • Very interesting interview. Ray obviously felt comfortable and he doesn't give bla bla ansers. Nice to read something about his feelings about the current COVID issues.

  • Wonderful interview. I am not the biggest Wilson fan but this made me bit curious. Obviously there’s a great vibe between Ray and the interviewer (chapeau!).

    I also read the album review. “Almost famous” seems to be a simple pop song but the review puts that one in perspective of the whole album. So it’s always strange what single can do or not. And not always they are good examples for albums. Seems to be the case here…

    some are wise ... and some otherwise