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  • Not heard much Beach House but what I have heard, I like and must conduct further investigations. Great news re Suede and hey, the manics aren't too shabby a live act either. Lipsmacking stuff.

    I thought the last two Beach House albums were great. 7, and Once Twice Melody. The latter is a double album, a real feast. 7's a bit darker.

    Agree about the Manics. I saw them so much in college I got a bit burned out on them but very happy to have the chance to revisit them.

    And KT Tunstall - I need to explore as I've occasionally Shazam'd a song that catches my ear only to find it's her.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this!

    I'm very happy I did now! It was blind luck, and Twitter, that led me to discover this unbelievable tour. I've never tapped my phone so furiously getting the presale in!

    I similarly love every single thing they've done, they are so consistently good. The B sides stand out. I made my own 5 disk version of Sci Fi Lullabies way back when, to cover all the unreleased treasures up to A New Morning!

    I've seen them once - the Royal Albert Hall comeback gig. The bit after Metal Mickey where the crowd would not stop cheering and the band just stood there soaking it up was absolutely spine tingling.

  • Angel Olsen, tonight, Edinburgh Usher Hall. Already here in fact in the queue for stalls standing. Actually, right now I am the queue.

    genesis1964 I've walked along Bruntsfield Links and The Meadows a few times in the last 2 days so possibly been within shouting distance!

    Abandon all reason

  • Ok, I made a mistake, I saw Genesis in December. Still... It's getting ridiculous now, because it turns out Foals are playing in December in Boston!!! soooo..... Looks like I'll get all 4 in just about 12 months.

  • I just found out Suede are playing in the US in November, a headlining tour with the Manics. This is remarkable because Suede aren't that big in the US, and never tour here since their gear was stolen on a tour in the 1990s. I got tickets to see them in a theater in November.

    This would be more appropriate in the “Your Last Gig” thread, but this post is here - so I have to respond here.

    Thank you yet again for your mentioning this Suede tour of the US here. I would have thanked you privately, but your accidental good deed deserves extra praise again in the open! 😊 As I mentioned when you first brought it up here, I had no idea that this tour was coming, and I have been a member of the Suede email list forever!

    Well, the show was a total blinder! Absolutely phenomenal! I eventually got a pit ticket by resale and managed to resell the seated ticket I originally bought - so, all worked out well all around! I was about three feet from the stage, just behind several members of “The Insatiable Ones” UK fanclub. I have never played so much defense in a GA pit before! 😄 I did manage to keep them from damaging me and from spilling their drinks on me (the latter may have been the superior accomplishment). I legitimately got quite a physical workout! 😄 This was a show where they closed instead of the Manic Street Preachers (who also were very good); if you got a ticket for Boston, I think Suede close there too because it’s the Preacher’s turn to close the next show in Brooklyn.

    If you want to know, this is what they played:…adelphia-pa-63bf9217.html

    So many wonderful songs that I had no idea they would consider playing! You’re in for a great time, and thanks again! 👍

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • I am *so* happy it worked out the way it did. I'm going on Tuesday, and can't wait. I'm squinting at my phone to avoid reading your full post on the off-chance there's a spoiler but will be back with more post-gig!!

  • I hope your setlist was as nice as Philly’s (or LA’s - if you have a chance, check out what they played there; if they release a live show from this tour, I hope it’s the LA show).

    Have fun! 😎

    Stepping out the back way, hoping nobody sees...

  • .

    I hope your setlist was as nice as Philly’s (or LA’s - if you have a chance, check out what they played there; if they release a live show from this tour, I hope it’s the LA show).

    Have fun! 😎

    They put on an unbelievably brilliant performance. Will review over in the "your last gig" thread! I read your earlier comment too and glad you had a great time!

  • I doubt they will be very well known on here certainly by the non UK members but off to see Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott in Sheffield in a couple of weeks time. Like most gigs I attend these days hoping for the older stuff from the Beautiful South/Housemartins days rather than the newer duo stuff. Though I would defend Heaton's song writing credentials to anybody his back catalogue is unreal.

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    Peter in cologne next Weekend

  • Currently, Eels in Boston in a couple of weeks. Have tickets to Greta Van Fleet later in the year (I'm not a fan of either band tbh but my wife is).

    Am also toying with the idea of getting tickets to Protomartyr, who are improbably playing a small pub in Ireland, and finagling a trip home in the process. One can dream!