For some reason Phil's health really hits me hard...

  • It does sadden me to see Phil Collins hobbling about with a walking stick in obvious pain. I've been a Genesis fan for donkeys years and have always been a huge fan of Phil as a drummer and a a singer in the band. No one could have replaced Gabriel apart from him, and he filled the gaping hole brilliantly

    Phil always seemed so youthful and full of energy; the contrast and counterpoint to Mike and Tony's reserved public school demeanour. Although I was never a fan of Phil's solo music, his contribution to Genesis and to music generally over the years has been considerable and diverse. He's an extraordinarily talented musician, and what he brought to Genesis was key to their commercial success. That said, he is often 'blamed' by die hards for the bands 'selling out' but people forget that it wasn't his band. It was Tony and Mike's band, and it went in the direction they wanted it to go. It just happened to work with Phil's musical interests and influences. Interestingly, though one of Phils favourite Genesis albums is The Lamb.

  • I only got into Genesis in the last year or too, also. Somehow I missed them, back in the day. I was a Yes, King Crimson, Pink Floyd fan from way back. It is weird to go through the whole catalog and see them today, especially Phil Collins. Being only one year younger than him, I can really relate to his health problems. It sucks. I'm impressed that he has the gumption to go out there and do what he can, even if it's in the chair tonight. Going to see him in October, we'll see how it goes.