The PHIL COLLINS Big Band documentary (1996)

  • A nice documentary about the 1996 Phil Collins Big Band project has surfaced on YouTube.
    this also featured Tony Bennett who has just retired from touring.




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  • We uploaded this years ago on the TGA youtube channel.

    It was shown on UK tv on the BBC on the 23rd December 1996.

    It remains an interesting documentary to this day.

    Filmed in part here:

    6.5.96 to 1.6.96 Chateau De Avenieres, Cruseilles, France (Rehearsals)

    2.6.96 to 30.6.96 Venue unknown Gingin's, Switzerland (Rehearsals)

    1.7.96 to 9.7.96 The Grand Casino, Montreux, Switzerland (Rehearsals)

    It was also at The Chateau De Avenieres ,Cruseilles, France that DITL was recorded and the Abbey Road medley that Phil performs on the George Martin album was recorded.