NFL Predictions, Week One

  • I am a Canadian Football League fan...

    OR a big fan of the World's most popular team Sport.

    You know what the World calls football. A few call it soccer.

    What's your point? The "world" calls lots of things different names depending on where you are. In Ireland football can be Gaelic football or soccer, but the most intolerant pedants would get all high and mighty if you refer to EPL games as football games.

  • Dearie me, this bizarre mix of home team first

    sometimes. And occasionally referring to the city, but other times the nickname only. You can confuse a stupid person with no NFL knowledge, you know! 🤔

    Anyway - and I'm defiantly putting the home team first ALL THE TIME:

    Pittsburgh 30 Vegas 15

    Ind 19 LAR 29

    Carolina 20 NO 24

    LAC 25 Dallas 32

    Seattle 32 Tenn 26

    Baltimore 23 KC 28

    Miami 20 Buff 24

    Abandon all reason

  • So sorry for the confusion! Here in the States the winner (in this case the predicted winner) is always listed first. As for nicknames, I used nicknames for the 2 Los Angeles teams (LA Rams and LA Chargers) in an (unsuccessful) effort to reduce confusion. At any rate, good luck with your selections :)

  • Week Two Scores:

    Las Vegas 26-Pittsburgh 17

    Los Angeles Rams 27-Indianapolis Colts 24

    Carolina 26-New Orleans 7

    Buffalo 35-Miami 0

    Dallas 20-Los Angeles Rams 17

    Tennessee 33-Seattle 30

    Baltimore 36-Kansas City 35

  • Jesus Christ, Miami are shite. Hang your heads in shame lads!

    In all fairness Miami's starting quarterback was injured during the game and had to be removed. Still that doesn't explain their defense giving up 35 points. They are supposed to be better than that.

  • I am so shite at this!

    But then I'm not much better at the English football one.

    Predicting exact NFL scores is well nigh impossible. And there were a lot of upsets yesterday (underdogs defeating teams that were favored to win). The Baltimore-Kansas City game last night was insane. Two great quarterbacks (Lamar Jackson for Baltimore and Patrick Mahomes for Kansas City) making one great play after another. It was like a heavyweight prize fight.