27, 28 September | Genesis live in LEEDS | reports **SPOILERS**

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    27th & 28th September

    GENESIS live in Leeds - First Direct Arena: The Last Domino? Tour


    Feel free to post photos and reports here.

  • Hi. I've seen them at every tour since 1979 and have 2 tickets for the show in Leeds tonight, but living in Spain means that getting over would be just too complicated with all the test requirements, etc. My son should have been studying for 1 year at Leeds Uni as part of the Erasmus program, so I was going to fly over and then we'd go to the concert together. Covid put paid to that and it's just not feasible to come now.

    I had them for resale on Ticketmaster but they are removed from sale 3 days before the concert. I can transfer them though, so they are free to any Genesis fan who can arrange to get to Leeds at such short notice this evening. I paid 137 pounds a ticket, but at this stage would happily give them away rather than there be 2 empty seats tonight.

  • I’m so sorry to hear that. Thanks for the offer of the tickets, I’m sure someone will enjoy them. I’m hoping to go to Newcastle on Thursday with my son, having taken him to endless tribute and Hackett gigs over the years.

    Between Covid, petrol shortages, Phil’s health and illness in our family, it feels a bit against all odds (no pun intended) but hopefully we will get there. I hope some day they will come to Europe- or play here again so that you can get there with your son. You never know.

  • I'm from Manchester originally and would have got tickets for there but my son was intending to spend a year studying at Leeds Uni, so I thought I'd fly there and we could go to the concert together. Covid scuppered that last year and with all the uncertainty he decided to finish his degree at Uni here in Valencia. Coming over with all the rules and regulations about 48 hour tests on arrival was just too much and work is bedlam at the moment as well, so I'm forced to miss the concert. Not sure if anyone will take me up on the offer - I really don't know where else to post to let people know they're available.

  • I'm in the same situation as others. I have a ticket for tomorrow but having a few miles to travel means I'm considering whether the fuel ought to be better used getting me to and from work. So if any-one is interested, I have single ticket, block 330 row row 4 for sale. cost was £75 plus fees, total £85.35 but I'd take the £75

    Ticket was bought via TM, and it can be transferred to you.

    If any-one is interested pls reply or send me a message.

  • Well what can I say just seen them and they were absolutely fantastic, I actually thought they were better than 2007!. Phils voice for me tonight was as good or better than I expected. Pleased as punch with his performance totally totally happy!. If his voice was weak earlier on in the tour I personally thought he sang very very well and held most of his notes. The backing singers for me didn’t have to do much and weren’t needed at all. The set list mirrored the previous shows no surprises at all. All band members seemed to be on their game and were relaxed and as far as I could tell no bum notes from anyone. But Phil was a standout and he really has to be commended for putting on a great show like this given his health - he really has put the last Domino TV show worries far in the past for me. I wish I was going tomorrow night now!.

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    Hey, looking at your pictures, I can see that they put only four of five blocks of lights over the stage!!!

    Probably ther was not such space to fit.

    Am I right?

    good point! Looks like you are right. The venue also seems to be a bit smaller than Birmingham and manchester

  • Leeds Arena has a great layout. None of those sitting sideways seats, more of a big gentle curve.

    Easily the best arena venue I've been to and the accessibility seating is really good unlike Manchester.

    I'm going tonight after having to swap from last nights because of another commitment. Not quite as central but still pretty decent. I'll take a few snaps and will post any that come out OK.

    It will be one day short of thirty nine years since I first saw them, at Hammersmith Odeon.