24, 25, 26 March 2022 | Genesis live in LONDON | reports

  • Nic says his dad is doing great and enjoying being retired. What more do we want?

    Tony was the guest in an episode of Radio Rich Pickings not long ago where he reflected on the shows

    Mike is back out with The Mechanics soon, isn't he? So we'll hear more from him.

    Nic is with his own band again

    Daryl doesn't have any updates on his website so I'm unsure if he's currently active in any projects.

    What might be nice is if they wait a couple of years for the dust to settle then do a group interview to reminisce. Tony hinted that they might revisit the decision not to release a live video/album in a year or two, so a retrospective interview or interviews could work in that context.

  • I don't think there will be any Genesis activity in any form by the end of 2023 - but I'd like to be wrong. Tony Smith said at the end of March that he would "clean up the archives." :))))))))))))) Sound engineers should focus on this, look for those "unique" ones - of which there are hundreds. :) Similarly at Phil's- someone should research his archive. :)))