RIP Thread!!

  • Lovely post Backdrifter. One of the best, most moving I've read anywhere. Here's to Kris Hallenga, and the other folks you mentioned 🍻

  • And now sadly we must add Dr Michael Mosley. He did a lot of good work promoting healthy diets without being faddish, advocating sensible adjustments to food intake while maintaining a spread of good nourishment. He was a regular TV personality, and published a range of books. Four years ago I had a major health scare and had to make significant lifestyle changes, mainly in terms of diet. His recipe books formed the basis of this, and made it very easy to do. I still abide by the principles set out in those books, and while I will live with a potentially life-threatening condition for the remainder of my days I barely notice having to make any effort, and it's thanks to the sound advice and very nice recipes in his books which make me feel I'm not especially 'deprived' of anything, while allowing me the occasional indulgence (as evidenced in the food & drink thread here!). I have a lot to be grateful to him for, as I'm sure many others do.

    He was on holiday in Greece, and went for a solo walk that turned into a hike into remote mountainous terrain that proved too demanding. He appears to have collapsed, and despite searches being carried out it was impossible to reach him in time.

    Abandon all reason

  • Very saddened to learn Donald Sutherland has died, aged 88. One of those consistent figures in my film and tv viewing for as long as I can remember, an actor who had that 'comforting' quality even when he was playing unpleasant roles.

    His career was so rich and goes back to the early 60s after he graduated from drama school in London (after initially studying engineering in his native Canada) and started appearing in British TV shows following a period on stage at Perth Rep in Scotland. Hollywood roles followed but he returned to the stage later in his career. A huge loss to the acting profession. 😪

    Abandon all reason