RIP Thread!!

  • John Challis who played Boycie in Only Fools And Horses, just died. One of the best non-lead characters in any show.

    “Did you know, 500 years ago this was a green and peaceful area? The old Earl of Peckham had a castle where the Kwik-Fit exhaust centre now stands. Flaxen-haired maidens used to dance round the village maypole of an evening. And then one fateful medieval day, the Trotter clan arrived in a stolen Zephyr. Before you knew it, the flaxen-haired maiden was up the spout, the old Earl had been sold some hooky armour and someone nicked the maypole.”

  • British MP David Amess has has been brutally murdered during a routine constituency surgery session. He was stabbed multiple times.

    His politics weren't mine but this isn't the moment to dwell on that or the vile comments already circulating on social media. This is a horrific incident and we should all be concerned this could happen. Sadly it's not the first time an MP has been physically attacked or even, tragically, murdered while going about their business.

    Many of us are disparaging about politicians and default to thinking the worst of them, which is a shame. But regardless of how genuinely good they may or may not be at their job, this is just horrible.

    A husband, father, PERSON has been killed.

    RIP David Amess.

    Abandon all reason

  • How horrific. I'd read this morning that he'd been stabbed in the line of work, but now to hear he has died... Just unbelievably awful. There is no difference in point of view or opinion that should lead to this.

  • David Amess was involved in working for better conditions for the members of the National Hospital Radio Association, which I was involved in 20-odd years back. As has been said elsewhere, he was a tireless worker for many things across party politics, and hopefully this lowlife terrorist scum will get a full life term and also hopefully, maybe parliament will get on top of the knife crime issue now it has affected them.


    Works with chess - Not with life

  • Colin Powell has died of COVID.

    Haven't heard or thought of him for a good while but still felt a bit shocked to read the headline. He had one or two major stains on his legacy but all round seemed to be one of the good guys, resigning when it was revealed that Saddam didn't have wmd and lamenting his speech to the UN. I hated that administration he was part of but he seemed to disavow it and distance himself from it, particularly by endorsing the Democratic candidates in subsequent presidential elections.